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Our 2018 NFL Mock Draft Database features various NFL mock drafts from draft analysts, experts and websites.

The table below lists the 2018 NFL Mock Draft (with a hyperlink), the date of their latest update as well as their top four picks.

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Mock DraftDate1st pick2nd pick3rd pick4th pick
EDSFootball - Kevin4/25S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
EDSFootball - Brendan4/25S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Behind the Steel Curtain4/25S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenB. Chubb
Football Fan Spot4/25J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
NFL.com - Schrager4/25S. DarnoldB. ChubbB. MayfieldS. Barkley
CBS Sports - Prisco4/25J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldJ. Rosen
SB Nation - Stites4/25S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
USA Today - Davis4/25J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
The Jet Press4/24S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Arena Fanatic - Tyler4/24J. RosenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
SportSmasher4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
WalterFootball.com4/24J. AllenS. BarkleyB. MayfieldS. Darnold
Draft Tek4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Football Couch Scout4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Draft Blaster4/24S. DarnoldB. ChubbB. MayfieldS. Barkley
CBS Sports - Brinson4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Walter Football - Charlie4/24J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Draft Blaster - DraftGeek4/24S. DarnoldJ. AllenJ. RosenB. Chubb
NFL.com - Davis4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Washington Post - Harris4/24S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Arena Fanatic - Mark4/24S. BarkleyQ. NelsonS. DarnoldB. Chubb
Live 4 Sports Network4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
L.A. Times - Beat writers4/23J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
NFL.com - Jeremiah4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
MMQB - King4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Newsday - Klopsis4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Pioneer Press - Tomasson4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. AllenB. Chubb
The Sports Bank4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
NFL.com - Conway4/23S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Palm Beach Post - Lieser4/23J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
CBS Sports - Trapasso4/23J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldB. Chubb
SB Nation - Kadar4/23J. AllenS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
The Huddle4/23J. AllenS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Draft Ace4/22S. DarnoldJ. AllenB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Draft Analyst - Pauline4/22S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
CBS Sports - Fornelli4/22S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldJ. Allen
NFL Draft Days - Frank4/21J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
The Phinsider4/21S. DarnoldB. ChubbB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Newsday - Glauber4/21S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Huddle Report - Forrest4/20J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldM. Fitzpatrick
Draft King4/20S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldD. Ward
NFL.com - Reuter4/20J. AllenB. ChubbB. MayfieldS. Barkley
WKBW Buffalo - Buscaglia4/20J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Huddle Report - Mark4/20S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
NBC DFW 5 - Scruggs4/20S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenS. Barkley
CBS Sports - White4/20J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenB. Mayfield
Fanspeak - Steve4/19S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. MayfieldB. Chubb
NFL Draft Scout - Rang4/19S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Draft Utopia4/19S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenM. Fitzpatrick
OC Register - Kartje4/19J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
AL.com - Inabinett4/19S. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. MayfieldJ. Allen
Buccaneers.com4/18J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Fanspeak - John4/18S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. MayfieldJ. Allen
CBS Sports - Wilson4/18J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldB. Chubb
Functional Sportsaholic4/18S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenB. Chubb
Rotoworld - Lindquist4/17J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
MMQB - Breer4/17J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
NorthJersey.com - Stapleton4/16J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Draft Season - Ultimate4/16S. BarkleyS. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. Allen
USA Today - MMS4/16J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Pro Football Weekly - Edholm4/16J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldQ. Nelson
SEC Country4/15S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenM. Fitzpatrick
NFL Draft Geek4/14J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Chicago Sun Times - Potash4/14J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenS. Barkley
National Fanatic4/13B. ChubbJ. RosenS. DarnoldJ. Allen
Rotoworld - Norris4/13J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldJ. Rosen
Fueled By Sports - Nathan4/13S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. AllenB. Chubb
Fueled By Sports - Matt4/13S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenD. James
NFL.com - Brooks4/12J. AllenB. ChubbS. DarnoldS. Barkley
ESPN Cleveland - Grossi4/12S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
NFL Mock4/11S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenM. Fitzpatrick
San Diego Union Tribune4/11J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenB. Chubb
Draft Countdown4/11S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. AllenS. Barkley
Patriots.com - Banks4/11J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenB. Chubb
Sports Gambling Podcast4/11J. AllenJ. RosenB. MayfieldS. Barkley
NFL.com - MJD4/10S. BarkleyJ. RosenS. DarnoldB. Chubb
USA Today - Easterling4/9S. DarnoldJ. AllenJ. RosenB. Chubb
AZ Central - McManaman4/9J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
First Coast News - Kaye4/8S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenS. Barkley
DraftDaddy.com4/6J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Florida Times-Union - Heilman4/6S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenS. Barkley
AJC - Ledbetter4/6J. AllenS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
NFL Draft Scout - Brugler4/6S. DarnoldJ. AllenJ. RosenB. Chubb
The Blog That Boredom Built4/6J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenS. Barkley
Get Football News - Moose9114/5S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenS. Barkley
Star Telegram - Davison4/4S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Pro Football Focus4/3B. MayfieldS. DarnoldJ. RosenM. Hurst
NFL.com - Casserly4/3S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
WGR 550 - Kramer4/3S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. AllenB. Mayfield
NJ.com - Shorr-Parks4/2S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
New York Post - Serby3/31J. AllenS. DarnoldB. MayfieldB. Chubb
L.A. Times - Farmer3/31S. DarnoldJ. AllenJ. RosenB. Mayfield
Baltimore Beatdown3/30S. DarnoldB. ChubbB. MayfieldJ. Rosen
Sporting News - Iyer3/30S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenM. Fitzpatrick
CBS Sports - Dubin3/30S. DarnoldJ. AllenJ. RosenB. Chubb
Ourlads3/28S. BarkleyQ. NelsonB. ChubbB. Mayfield
National Football Post3/28S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenQ. Nelson
Toronto Sun - Bilicki3/28S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenS. Barkley
ESPN - Kiper3/28J. AllenS. DarnoldJ. RosenS. Barkley
NFL.com - Zierlein3/27S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Denver Post - Kosmider3/27S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenJ. Allen
Huddle Report - Jonathan3/26S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenS. Barkley
Chicago Sun-Times - Finley3/26S. DarnoldB. MayfieldJ. RosenS. Barkley
SiriusXM - Movin' the Chains3/26J. AllenS. BarkleyJ. RosenB. Chubb
Orange and Brown Report3/26S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenB. Chubb
Louisville Courier Journal3/26S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenM. Fitzpatrick
Huddle Report - Drew3/24S. DarnoldD. JamesJ. RosenS. Barkley
Niners Nation3/23S. DarnoldB. ChubbJ. RosenD. Ward
NJ.com - Giglio3/23S. DarnoldB. MayfieldJ. AllenB. Chubb
WDIV 4 - Detroit3/23S. DarnoldJ. AllenB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Washington Times3/22S. DarnoldS. BarkleyJ. RosenM. Fitzpatrick
AtlantaFalcons.com3/21J. AllenQ. NelsonJ. RosenB. Chubb
The Ringer3/20S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenB. Chubb
USA Today - Infante3/19S. DarnoldJ. RosenJ. AllenS. Barkley
Cleveland.com - Labbe3/17B. MayfieldS. BarkleyS. DarnoldB. Chubb
ESPN - McShay3/7S. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. ChubbM. Fitzpatrick
Blogging the Boys3/6S. BarkleyS. DarnoldQ. NelsonJ. Rosen
MSG Networks3/1J. AllenS. BarkleyO. BrownS. Darnold
Pewter Report2/26S. BarkleyJ. RosenB. ChubbS. Darnold
NJ.com - Hughes2/20J. AllenJ. RosenS. BarkleyM. Fitzpatrick
WKYC 3 - Alexrod2/20S. DarnoldJ. RosenS. BarkleyM. Fitzpatrick
Sleeper U2/18J. RosenS. DarnoldS. BarkleyB. Chubb
NBC Sports Philly - Hudrick2/17S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. ChubbS. Barkley
The Oregonian - Arnold2/14S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. ChubbS. Barkley
Breaking Football - Jonathan2/10S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. MayfieldS. Barkley
Stampede Blue2/9B. MayfieldS. BarkleyB. ChubbM. Fitzpatrick
Revenge of the Birds2/6L. JacksonR. SmithS. BarkleyB. Chubb
NFL Draft Room2/5S. DarnoldJ. RosenS. BarkleyM. Fitzpatrick
Louisville Courier Journal2/5J. RosenS. BarkleyT. EdmundsM. Fitzpatrick
We Talk Fantasy Sports1/31S. DarnoldJ. RosenS. BarkleyM. Fitzpatrick
Pride of Detroit - Consensus1/30S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. ChubbS. Barkley
New NFL Draft - Tyler1/28S. BarkleyS. DarnoldM. FitzpatrickR. Smith
Breaking Football - Mike1/23S. DarnoldJ. RosenB. ChubbM. Fitzpatrick
Breaking Football - J.T.1/15S. BarkleyJ. RosenB. ChubbL. Jackson
NJ.com - Lombardo11/7S. BarkleyJ. RosenM. McGlincheyB. Chubb
Bleeding Green Nation11/3S. BarkleyM. McGlincheyB. ChubbC. Williams
Bleacher Report - Miller7/27J. AllenS. DarnoldC. WilkinsC. Williams
Rotoworld - Nystrom6/2S. DarnoldD. JamesJ. RosenA. Key
SI.com - Burke5/2J. RosenS. DarnoldA. KeyD. James
New NFL Draft - Justin5/1S. DarnoldJ. RosenS. BarkleyD. James

2018 NFL Mock Draft Database: Team Mocks

Below you will find mock drafts that feature one specific team's selections. We list the site with the team's first three selections and a hyperlink to the full mock draft.

Mock DraftTeamDate1st pick2nd pick3rd pick
The PhinsiderMiami Dolphins4/23L. Vander EschD. GoedertJ. Bates
Blogging the BoysDallas Cowboys4/19J. DanielsN. ShepherdA. Miller
Pride of DetroitDetroit Lions4/17B. ChubbK. JohnsonR. McIntosh
Field GullsSeattle Seahawks4/17L. CarterD. EjioforR. Gaulden
NJ.com - Shorr-ParksPhiladelphia Eagles4/10T. BryanK. WhiteD. Schults
NJ.com - RosenblattPhiladelphia Eagles4/7J. ReidB. ParkerH. Mata'afa
The Jet PressNew York Jets4/2J. RosenJ. SweatT. Brown
EDSFootball (7 Rounds)Cleveland Browns4/2S. DarnoldS. BarkleyI. Oliver
The FalcoholicAtlanta Falcons3/26T. BryanD. NnadiA. Miller
NJ.com - SlaterNew York Jets3/21B. MayfieldK. JohnsonJ. Noteboom
Mile High ReportDenver Broncos3/20B. MayfieldW. HernandezB. O'Neill
Dallas Morning NewsDallas Cowboys3/12C. RidleyJ. JewellI. Thomas
Cincy JungleCincinnati Bengals3/3R. SmithW. HernandezJ. Jones
Hogs HavenWashington Redskins2/3D. PayneJ. WashingtonR. Jones
Scout.comDallas Cowboys2/2V. VeaW. HernandezM. Andrews
Bills WireBuffalo Bills1/28V. VeaR. EvansB. Price

2019 NFL Mock Draft Database

Even though we are months away from the 2018 NFL Draft, there are a few 2019 NFL mock drafts out there. Below is a table of some very early 2019 NFL mock drafts.

Mock DraftDate1st pick2nd pick3rd pick4th pick
EDSFootball - Kevin4/19N. BosaD. LockE. OliverS. Patterson
Walter Football - Walt4/6S. PattersonE. OliverD. LawrenceC. Thorson
The Sports Bank4/4E. OliverG. LittleN. BosaS. Patterson
Walter Football - Charlie3/31D. LockD. LawrenceN. BosaJ. Williams
Fueled By Sports10/18J. WilliamsD. LawrenceE. OliverC. Ferrell

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